All Singapore Companies are required to appoint a Singapore Corporate Secretary to handle on-going statutory compliance matters. Our Corporate Secretarial Agents Provide Guidance and Keep Your Company in Good Standing.

Your Trusted Corporate Secretarial Agents: Seamlessly Handle Company Annual Returns to ACRA. Benefit from Dedicated Reminders, Named Secretary Services, and Legal Compliance Expertise. We ensure any Company corporate changes are done in accordance to the Law.

All Singapore Companies are required to appoint a Singapore Corporate Secretary to handle on-going statutory compliance matters. We can guide and advise you on the relevant rules and regulations in Singapore so that your company can be in compliant, through our services as Corporate Secretarial Agents.

As your appointed Corporate Secretarial Agents, we will assist in your Company Annual Returns to ACRA, including dedicated reminder service prior to the filing deadline and the provision of a named secretary for your Company. Tap on our extensive experience to ensure any Company corporate changes are done in accordance to the Law.

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A company secretary is a person appointed to ensure the company maintains compliance with the many statutory requirements – such as maintaining and filing statutory records and returns.

Any natural person who is ordinarily resident in Singapore and who has the requisite knowledge to perform the duties can be a company secretary.

The company secretary is required to ensure that the company is in compliance with the Companies Acts requirements. These include:

  • Change of directors, company secretary auditors and transfer of shares between shareholders, etc.
  • Preparation and submission of the Annual Returns
  • Preparing and filing of documents (directors’ resolution, minutes of the general meeting) and update of changes to ACRA
  • Maintaining the register of directors, company secretary, auditors, shareholders and charges
  • Issuing share certificates, recording transfers of shares and allotment of shares
  • Maintaining the register of members and debenture holders

Non-routine secretarial matters will be chargeable on a request basis.
Example include:

  • New issuance of shares
  • Transfer of shares
  • Change of constitution
  • Change of directors
  • Opening of additional bank accounts
  • Change of company name
  • Preparation of notices, minutes and other documents pertaining to directors’ and shareholders’ meetings (Extraordinary General Meeting)
  • Attending official meetings

The newly incorporated company is required to hold the first AGM within 18 months from date of incorporation. Thereafter, AGMs must be held once in every calendar year or within 15 months from last AGM date.

For annual return, directors of the companies are required to prepare audited or un-audited finacial statement and present the financial statement and present the financial statements to AGM within 6 months after the financial year end.

The company secretary is required to file the annual return to ACRA within one month of the date of AGM.

Even if a company was dormant, it is mandatory to hold AGM and file Annual Return.

Yes, even if your company was dormant, you are required to notify ACRA for any change of company particulars including change of directors.

A director can also hold position of company secretary only if he is qualified to do so.

  • Providing one qualified person as Secretary of your company as required by Section 171 (1A) of the Companies Act.
  • Attending to routine secretarial matters of the company such as first board meeting, annual general meeting, custody of common seal, etc.
  • Safekeeping, updating and maintaining registers, notices, minutes book, and other statutory records.
  • Preparing and lodging all prescribed forms and requisite documents with the ACRA
  • Reminding you of the various statutory compliance dates with ACRA

AGM will be required 6 months after the financial year end of the company. When the AGM is held and reported after its due date, it will incur penalty from ACRA at $300 per section.

If you have appointed a company secretary, they will be able to advise you on the AGM and Annual Return filing due dates, prepare the necessary documents and minutes for your approval and file the documents with ACRA on the stipulated time.

If you do not have a company secretary and fail to keep track, ACRA may send you reminders and issue a letter to the local director and invite the director to attend the siminar: Directors Compliance Programme (DCP). However the directors of the company have to ensure that they hold the AGM, prepare the necessary documents and make all Annual Return filings on time.

We will be happy to discuss the matters with you and take over the statutory records of your company subject to the termination of your secretarial service with the existing service provider.